New York Church On a Mission To Further The

#BuyBlack Movement

Jul 18 2017

New York Church On a Mission To Further The #BuyBlack Movement

Throughout our history the Black church has been at the forefront of some of our most powerful movements to date. So it was with great excitement that we learned about a Queens, New York church’s ongoing efforts to fuel Black businesses and amplify the #BuyBlack movement. Recognizing that an astounding 99% of our $1.1 Trillion buying power is being invested into businesses outside of our community, Maranatha Baptist Church stepped up to unite their neighborhood in the name of economic independence.

“Our agenda is to educate our congregants on the importance of being economically independent. We understand that the dominant society has made their choice in the last election and it doesn’t appear to include us. We’re not in the woe is me mindset, we’ve decided to be pro-active. We’re not anti anything, but we are Pro-Black!” exclaimed Deacon Wayne Grant of Maranatha Baptist Church.

To (literally) practice what they preach, Maranatha Baptist Church has planned a series of events to support Black entrepreneurs and create more Black businesses within our communities, starting with their Mynority Small Business Expo on August 12, 2017 in Queens, NY. Through this event the church hopes to educate others on Black businesses they can support in the community while giving those businesses more exposure and increased sales.

When asked why Maranatha Baptist Church has taken such an interest in supporting Black businesses, Deacon Wayne dropped a few gems: “We need to become financially stable and establish a new political base, and in America it’s all about the money. When we support and grow our assets we become relevant. ‘We’ meaning our neighborhoods, then we can evolve into becoming communities. We will in turn start to receive the services that other communities take for granted including sanitation, proper police protection, quality education, affordable housing etc. etc.”

If you’re a Black business owner in the NYC area interested in showcasing your business at the Mynority Owned Small Business Expo next month, contact organizers Denise Kennedy at or Grant Wayne at right away and stay tuned for their upcoming panel for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to jumpstart your own business.

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