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Tiffany J

Tiffany Janay is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Women’s Empowerment Guide, & the owner of YoniEggs.com. She has made a career of connecting on a personal level with women, assisting them in getting past their fears, hurt and anxiety as it pertains to their sexuality through her work as a Womb Wellness Advocate. Tiffany is a proponent of using yoni eggs composed of semi-precious stones as a tool to cultivate sexual confidence, spirituality and self love.  She has witnessed first hand the power of crystals and believes in their ability to serve as a conduit for spiritual evolution.

Tiffany’s journey as an entrepreneur has been a remarkable one. Through her hard work, she has transitioned from homelessness to pioneering the yoni egg movement through her world renowned brand, YoniEggs.com.  Tiffany's yoni eggs are internationally distributed and has been featured by media outlets such as: Ebony, Essence, xoNecole, Nylon and The Dr’s TV show. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Tiffany's professional work has been centered on producing quality holistic products that encourage  strength, intimacy, spiritual healing and growth.  Through her spiritual work Tiffany has become a trusted source for women across the globe who desire to strengthen their physical and spiritual wellness.  Connect with Tiffany via social media at: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/tiffanyjanay Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thetiffanyjanay