Wasted Po LLC

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Lawrence Land

Wasted Po LLC, is a Skate & Surf Apparel brand, started in Brooklyn by original Brooklynite artists Lawrence Land & Jason Knight. Founded in February 2019, the brand name is based on a song lyric: "Don't let the drug test prove your potential was wasted" ©2008 used with permission (by Re+'Verse).   The main mascots of the brand, Po© & Myth©, are also part of an upcoming children's book entitled "The Kingdom of Om'pel: Dark Wood."   Po© (the Monarch butterfly) & Myth© (the Princess Moth) represent the Men's and Women's line respectively.   Like Po© & Myth©, Wasted Po is a marriage of urban and couture. The fashion has inflections of inspiration from 1920s patterns to hip-hop culture, and themes from around the world including Indian tapestry, Mexican and Mediterranean mosaics, & Japanese Anime.   Wasted Po carries everyday and specialty clothing, accessories, and household goods in our unique style. New designs are added regularly.   Follow Wasted Po on Instagram @powastedpo and Twitter @po_wasted for exclusive giveaways and special access to limited edition items.   We look forward to having you covered, Head to Po.   There's only one Wåšțëð Pō   Brooklyn Made. Brooklyn Born. Wastedpo.com DM for discount code at checkour