Sage Marie's Coffee and Tea

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Mattie Finch


Sage Marie’s Coffee and Tea has been years in the making. We’re not just brand but we prioritize to give our customers an unforgettable experience through our coffee and tea. Over the years, Sage Marie has developed a line of premium coffee, espressos, and teas and currently utilizing those every exquisite ingredients to create a beauty line.

Our brand identity is one that’s steeped in refinement, luxury and a customized experience for our clientele. Sage Marie offers each client to customize their coffee drink exactly to their taste, from selecting their own coffee bean, and type of roast.  There is nothing quite like freshly roasted coffee. Taste is everything.

All Organic Ingredients

Our herbal teas, are a exceptional line of teas that will satisfy any tea enthusiasts. Our luxurious selections are complex, subtle and alluring.

Our team has extensive knowledge and exceptional tea-making skills which is applied when selecting our teas. We take the time to perfect quality-handcrafted teas that are always fragrant and welcoming.

Where the magic happens

We take great pride in committing to the tradition of coffee-making. We choose every bean, blending it only with the finest beans and teas from socially responsible farmers around the world. We are constantly sampling interesting coffees from growers and importers to find the perfect beans that we are proud to feature. Specializing in hand roasting in small-batches to accentuate their inherent flavor profiles and characteristics resulting in rich flavor.