Reusuable Food container

We are offering an exclusive discount only to Official Black Street members to celebrate our achievement of getting the Lock It Plates’ food container patented in the United States and becoming the official reusable food container for Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for students to reduce carbon foot prints.
Discount Code: FAU

Johny D

Lock It Plates’ plastic food container brings you all the features other food containers have failed to offer and the features you have been asking for in a plastic to go food container. The innovative lockable food container is spill resistant if dropped. The product is two identical plates that come together to create a food container with our patented locking system, either side can be used as a top or bottom. When the Lock It Plates’ food container is unlocked the two identical plates can be shared by two individuals. Also, the plates have a built on cup attachment that can fit a variety of cups individuals already use at their homes or favorite eating establishments. Additionally, the Lock It Plates’ food containers can be tightly stacked upon each other.