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Isaac Middleton

I. Middleton Entertainment or I.ME/IME (IME) is a growing company. Officially established in 4/20/2016. We have a unique platform which we use to Entertain, promote and sell items, products and such. From Humble beginnings IME search for a spot in this vast ocean of the Entertainment Industry. Founded by Isaac Middleton, IME is a multi-platform production company pioneering original content for television, film, website design, emerging technologies, and digital networks. This includes but is not limited to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and PodcastCrossing all entertainment verticals, I.Middleton Entertainment creates innovative content rooted in authenticity, strong storytelling, and passion.  IME Productions will create Movies, TV Shows, Podcast, Music and so on. We aim to bring you the best quality within our means.   Our website is: