Darlyng & Co.

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Detara D

Our ultimate goal is to completely simplify parenting, through our unique product designs. As Parents and Inventors, we know all too well how challenging and how rewarding parenting can be. We started Darlyng & Co. back in 2014 when our 2-month-old began teething early and had limited dexterity and nothing available on the market that would allow her to self-soothe herself and would give us back our sanity! This frustration birth the idea of Yummy Mitt® Teething Mitten, a teether she was able to use on her own and provide immediate teething relief! Since then, we've created tons of baby essentials that will be sure to simplify your life and bring much joy to your little one. From sippy cups, suction bowls, newborn mittens, blankets and more. All ethically sourced and safety tested to meet the highest safety standards worldwide. Our mission is to create safe, innovative and affordable products that will make your role as a Parent or Caregiver a tad bit easier.