Business Start Up and Capital Course

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Welcome to The Legacy Think Tank Family! By taking this initial step and joining out program, you’re already well on your way to meeting your personal, business, and financial goals!

The number one cause of poverty in America today is financial illiteracy. A majority of the population relies solely on their job as their primary source of income, and therefore, are running in the rat race, and living paycheck to paycheck. The Financial ID Think Tank is a 4-week course series that teaches financial literacy while providing several mediums for passive income accumulation, with a value of over 6-figures a year.

How it works

There are 8 classes in this course, and because you purchased the prerecorded version, you will be able to take the classes at your own pace!

In this course, Mr. Banks will walk you through every step of personal finance and business ownership and even include bookkeeping services – essential for any startup, corporation, or otherwise.

Each class is no more than an hour. At the end of each class, you are given an assignment. This assignment will be a new layer on your financial foundation. The assignment will also give you the necessary experience to turn that week’s lesson into a business.

Lesson 1: You and Your Business!

Budgeting Defining a budget and the proper way to put your budget together, and why we need to budget in the first place.
Credit Monitoring Systems What is credit monitoring and why is it essential to your success in both personal and business finance?
Understanding Your Credit Score What is a credit score, and credit, how is it calculated – more importantly, why does it matter?
Assignment: Alias Removal

Lesson 2: The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide

Disputing: Credit Law What is credit law? What laws protect you from credit bureaus? Why understanding credit law is crucial to repairing credit, and what laws you need to get familiar with.
Boosting: Tradelines Why tradelines are the best and fastest way to repair your credit. What is a tradeline? How are tradelines different from authorized user accounts?
Maintaining: The Golden Rules How do you maintain a good credit score once you’ve raised it? What are the golden rules of credit repair?