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Head on over to the side for 20% off your first order at The Ronnie Shop. Gentle and effective hair products to grow your hair and heal your scalp, nutritious herbal tea to feed your hair and skin from the inside out and a brow serum to keep your brows thick and fleeky!

Garonne D

The Ronnie Shop is a hair rejuvenation company focused on using botanicals to help women who deal with scalp conditions and hairloss reclaim their crown.  It was born out of a personal need of the founder to address her own diagnosis of scarring alopecia. After successfully regrowing her hair and stopping the progress of her condition, she decided to share this gift with the world. Using her background as a chemical engineer, she formulated a hair oil that is light, smells amazing and contains ingredients to reduce scalp inflammation and stimulate growth. She saw a need and continued to develop a full line including shampoo and conditioner. The line now also includes an herbal tea that nourishes the hair and skin from the inside and an eyebrow serum for beautiful brows.