If you want success, emulate success. If you want to be a millionaire, study millionaires. Through countless hours of reading and watching YouTube interviews, I’ve discovered hidden secrets and documented what it takes to become a millionaire. Allow me to reveal the elite secrets to success fr...

Johnny Bailey

Johnny is a marketing consultant and author. After multiple years spent working for a leading Fortune 500 company in corporate America, Johnny has taken his expertise and now uses it to help people launch brands and build businesses. Johnny is also the host of the ShineHard conversation, a series featuring the nation's top black millennial leaders. To connect visit JBsFood4Thought.com

We often hear the words, “remember why you started” and if you are like most Black businesses money wasn’t the only motive. However, in the riff raff of trying to get ahead we often forget those days we wrote and rewrote our mission, the times “XXX Co.” was just a name on a piece a

Chelcee Johns

Chelcee Johns is a writer/editor and digital media strategist (and red wine connoisseur) passionate about seeing creatives build a life out of what they truly love. She is currently living the Eat, Pray, Build life in Bali working on her start up company. In a recent past life, she was an editor at Moguldom Media Group and regularly writes for Madamenoire.com.