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“When the Great Recession, also known as the financial crisis, occurred in 2008, native New Yorker, and Harvard graduate Jae Gardner realized there was a growing need for affordable education that provided the same robust instruction as other higher priced services. ‘My goal was to even the educational playing field by providing elite tutoring to students and communities who could not afford it in past years,’ Gardner tells BE Modern Man. ‘After providing a free SAT course to students at School of the Future in Manhattan and increasing their scores on average by 200 points, it became apparent that providing this type of service to world was my life’s mission.'” – Black Enterprise

The Ivy Key is a New York City-based education company that offers effective tutoring, mentoring, and admissions consulting. We only employ instructors who have attended an Ivy League school or institution of equal quality, and who scored in the 95th percentile or above in standardized testing. Our instructors model tenacity and academic achievement, inspiring our students to work with vigor both in and out of the academic arena. Our goal is to exemplify the skills needed to unlock the door to a successful high school, college, and professional career.

The Ivy Key is a tutoring company located in New York City with the aim of providing the finest quality tutelage to students via the highest quality tutors available. Every one of our employees’ life stories is of the caliber necessary to inspire our students to work with vigor both inside and out of the academic arena. Our goal is to exemplify the skills needed to unlock the door to a successful high school, college and professional career.

We offer classes that prepare students for the SAT, SSAT, SHSAT and other standardized tests. We also offer private tutoring in all academic subjects.

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