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“The professional’s resource for overcoming speech obstacles!”

Speech and Voice Care Center (SVCC) of Houston is a full-service provider dedicated to broadening the understanding of the importance of speech and voice training. Serving the needs of those with any voice and speech deficiencies, SVCC also offers instruction and guidance to the professional voice user.

Frank Luntz said, “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.” The importance of being well-spoken makes all the difference in present day culture. Being a clear communicator could be what lands you the job in today’s competitive job market. Regardless of your background, you can look good and sound good. Enhance your marketability by ensuring your speech and communication skills never hinder you. Make the decision to become the total package!

We provide rehabilitative and enhancement speech and voice services to adults through individual and group trainings.
Voice Therapy
Voice and Diction training for public speakers
Stuttering Management
Accent Reduction/Modification
Stage Fright Management
Lisp Correction
Presentation Skills
Media Training
Etiquette Training

We equip professionals with the attitude, skills & knowledge to speak success!!!
How do we do it:
* Social media- weekly tips and access to interviews with vocal athletes.
* Training- 1:1 sessions, keynote, panel, moderator, conference sessions or providing communication skills training for your business.
* The movement- conversation starter T-shirts and downloadable e-guide, The BeAttitudes of Speech.

Click the link to learn about the Conversation Starter movement: www.speakingyoursuccess.com/shop

Not Word Video: https://youtu.be/Fnrqi_zVk7k

About us: https://youtu.be/uUDzTkI17oI

Our mission is to increase public awareness and highlight the importance of communication as well as equip people with the attitude, skills and knowledge to speak success.


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Speech & Voice Care Center of Houston
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Speech & Voice Care Center of Houston
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Speech & Voice Care Center of Houston
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Speech & Voice Care Center of Houston



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