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With membership growing daily, classes at capacity and long lines waiting, KTX Fitness has become very popular for its unique approach to health and fitness. Not only has KTX Fitness become a hit in class but outside of class as well with over 1Million+ shares on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other various social media sites. People from all over the world are watching Keith’s high energy leadership over hip-hop and rhythm and blues base lines. In fact people from as far as California and Texas have come to Atlanta, Georgia to meet Keith Thompson and experience one of his classes.

KTX’s “Rock the Bike™” Cycle, Step, and Zumba are uniquely different and literally an exercise party as it provides a fun and challenging workout that is sure to have participants working every muscle. With seasoned riders typically on the front row, the remainder of class moves in tandem while riding the stationary bikes. The best thing about KTX’s “Rock the Bike™” technique is that no matter what a participant’s fitness level is, if they get on the bike, pedal and dance at their own pace, they are sure to get a great workout. The same experience is true for KTX’s explosive step classes, which are near and dear to Keith’s heart based on the fact that step classes were the beginning of his fitness journey. Best of all, the classes are enjoyed by a broad spectrum of people. Keith has developed programs for children as young as 5 years old to seniors. It is truly a program that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Keith is also the Founder of the Fit For Life Foundation a 501c3 entity with a mission to encourage the communities we serve through various events and programs to join the movement of being Fit for Life™, by caring for themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Keith’s passion is utilizing his natural gifts to encourage people around the world to get and stay fit as a fitness instructor and as a motivational speaker. Keith travels the world teaching and inspiring individuals to transform their lives while having fun doing it.

Keith understands that being fit isn’t just about the number on the scale: it’s about a lifestyle. It’s about believing that you deserve to be healthy. It’s about dedication and hard work. It’s about celebrating and enjoying life. Keith travels the world bringing this infectious passion for health, wellness, and most importantly, self-love, to every class that he teaches and every person that he encounters.


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    Adamsville Recreation Center, King Recreation Center and Grant Park Recreation Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30311
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    Atlanta, Georgia
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    body sculpting, classes, cycling, Irobics, kick boxing, kickboxing, spin, step, yoga


KTX Fitness
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KTX Fitness
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